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Transforming an Indoor or Outdoor Space into a Performance Environment



On The Water


On Land

Venues In-Situ


Inside Found Spaces


The Music Barge

250-seat event space with retractable seating, 350-people standing in club configuration


100-people restaurant


100-people rooftop bar


Outdoor canopy for event overflow, extension of the restaurant and drinking service area, installations, farmer’s market, weddings


Full professional kitchen with food storage


Performer support spaces and technical storage


Navigable barge, moved by motor boats


Handicap accessibility


In collaboration with leading boat fabrication companies


The Ephemeral Theater

350-seat immersive theater


Ideal for drama or music events


Different stage dimensions - recital (300 sq.ft.), drama (1,000 sq.ft.), thrust (1,200 sq.ft.)


Material: mass timber floors, glue-lam structure, composite walls and ceiling

Options for performer support spaces and acoustic/sun shades


Natural ventilation by stacking effect


Exposed ground floor


7-day assembly time


Customizable composite wall color


Venues In-Situ

Temporary timber structures for acoustic performances located within natural landscape


Fast assembly time


Optimized natural acoustics


Audience from 200 to 850 people


From small music ensemble to symphonic orchestra


Sized for standard truck transport


Mass-timber construction

The Modular Concert Shell

Modular structure using reconfigurable triangular elements


Each piece easily stackable for storage


Optimized for sound reflection with a fractal sound reflection and diffusion design


Hinges on one side of each triangle to create various shell configurations


Self-balancing in curve layouts


Can create various acoustic environments by adjusting the shape of the array, e.g. behind performers and/or around an audience


Built-in sensors for video mapping


Illuminated using video projection and geo-mapping of each triangle


Ideal for events including augmented / virtual / mixed realities


Composite construction, each triangle weights 15 pounds

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